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As we enter into an era of constant connectivity, people are becoming increasingly conscious about how they present themselves to the world. With the rise of social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, along with online shopping outlets such as Amazon and eBay, fashion has become more accessible than ever before!

With easy access to new trends and styles, it is not only easy to stay up-to-date on what’s hot and happening in fashion, but also keep up with your favorite brands.

As consumerism becomes more prevalent, there is an overall influence on what types of clothing are marketed to us. It seems like every company is trying to capitalize on our desire to look fashionable, or at least be seen as fashionable.

In fact, some companies have even made it their mission to promote and inspire casual dress codes via their products and advertising. These outfits typically are referred to as “street style” clothes because they are intended to show off one’s personal style rather than emphasizing expensive materials and styling touches.

Overall, technology plays a large role in shaping people’s perception of fashion. People take pictures almost constantly now so having someone else tell you what looks good is totally acceptable!

Streetstyle is a very popular way to find new fashion inspiration. Many people enjoy searching through photos and videos of put together looks to get tips from all angles.

Popular fashion trends in California include leopard print, gold jewelry, and denim

Streetwear and Fashion Trends in California for 2023

Leopard prints have made their way into street style here in America as well as popular fashion trends. They are seen everywhere from clothing to bed sheets to car interiors!

Leopard printed clothes are very fashionable right now and will likely remain so for quite some time. When you add this striking pattern with bright colors like red or orange, it becomes even more vibrant!

Another trend that has become very popular is wearing golden jewelry. Many people enjoy mixing metals and textures together to create unique looks. This includes using leather or textile bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Last but not least, we can’t talk about fashion trends in California without mentioning our favorite casual staple: denims!

These pants are totally acceptable to wear at almost any occasion and are extremely versatile! You can dress them up by adding a nice shirt under it or down by tucking in your shirt.

Another popular fashion trend in California is beachwear

Streetwear and Fashion Trends in California for 2023

Beach style clothing has become very popular again, with people creating their own street-inspired looks or taking inspiration from the Pacific Coast. Materials like leather, denim, florals, and surf products are all seen frequently.

Surf culture was one of the biggest drivers behind beach style trends today. We see it reflected in things such as baggy jeans, long sleeve shirts, and oversized sweatshirts. This look can be mixed and matched to create many different styles!

Beach inspired silhouettes have made their way into other areas of apparel including dressy clothes and even swimsuits. All you need to do is take your favorite element (leather, floral pattern, color) and apply it to another area of your life!

California has always been known for its beautiful nature so plants are a common theme in coastal design. Floral patterns are also a recurring motif in urban styling.

Leather pants

Streetwear and Fashion Trends in California for 2023

One of the most prominent trends seen this season is leather or faux-leather pants. Companies have designed everything from full leather skirts to completely fake leopard printed jeans!

Many fashion brands have incorporated leather into their street style looks, creating sleek and stylish clothing pieces that are hard to resist.

Leather shoes such as slip-on sneakers or boot styles are also very popular right now. Many companies have made flannel shirts with leather patches or straps to add some extra “bling” to your look.

This trend will definitely be seen again next spring and summer when it goes out of style. It is totally possible to dress in leather clothes during the winter! Just make sure you are careful not to overheat in them.

Winter coats often have fur lined hoods or trims which can easily be done in leather.

Leather jackets

Streetwear and Fashion Trends in California for 2023

Leather jacket styles have made a come back as of late. They are not only popular among casual dress up enthusiasts, but also very fashionable overall pieces that can be layered under many outfits. Materials used to make them include leather, wool or sweatshirt material, all of which work well with almost any type of clothing style.

California has some great brands that produce excellent quality leather garments. Many companies focus more on classic designs, while other brands add unique detail and fashion statements to their products. No matter what kind of look you want to achieve, there is an adequate amount of leather jackets available at most retailers and online stores.

Some designer brands offer discount coupons or early morning shopping deals to increase your chance of finding a low price-tag item. Companies like Apple, Burberry, and Gucci are some major producers of leather apparel.

Overall, buying new leather clothes is quite expensive due to the materials they are made out of.

Button down shirts

A button-down shirt is one that has fastening buttons or ties at the neck, creating an attached sleeve. Most popularly, it is a long, collared dress shirt that can be worn with either pants or skirts as lower garments.

Street style pictures of men wearing white button downs are plentiful! When people talk about how to dress like a professional, they often mention using quality materials and investing in good fashion accessories. Part of this comes from the popularity and versatility of the look; you will probably find some pretty easy to replicate.

Butlery, or row of small metal clasps, usually at the throat, are the most common way to close a plain white dress shirt. This creates a nice clean line under the collar, which looks elegant and professionally done.

Sleeveless versions of the dress shirt have become increasingly fashionable, but not everyone likes them. They may feel too casual or loose for work, so do what feels right to you.

Patterned sweaters

Streetwear and Fashion Trends in California for 2023

With street style becoming more popular every day, patterned sweatshirts are one of the hottest silhouettes. Companies have designed all sorts of patterns to add some extra detail to your clothing collection.

There are many brands that offer large scale printed shirts or even ones with geometric designs or classic college logos. They are very fashionable and unique!

Many people buy them as an easy way to update their look. Or maybe they are just trying to be too cool like Samus! (Yes, she loves wearing a striped shirt under her suit.)

Whatever your reason is for choosing a patterned sweater, we recommend giving it a try! Many stores will have one at a lower price than buying the other styles since they are going out of fashion.

Gold jewelry

Streetwear and Fashion Trends in California for 2023

One of the hottest trends right now is gold jewelry. Gone are the days when platinum was the go-to material for many. With the rising price of gold, people have become more creative with their designs!

Many designers are creating fashionable looks that feature lots of pieces made from different metals mixed together to create something unique.

Some examples include rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings which are all painted or engraved in layers to resemble golden nuggets or leaves. Many mix them up by having different shaped items or materials that fit together to make one cohesive piece.

This style is called “golden” art fashion and has exploded since it was first seen around the year 2012. It is very popular to add some extra glitz to your look by mixing in black or other non-metallic components. This way you get the same beautiful effect but without using too much expensive metal.

Bucket hats

Streetwear and Fashion Trends in California for 2023

A bucket hat is a classic head gear that has returned into style recently. They are characterized by their wide, rounded top with a slightly longer circumference than height.

Usually made of leather or nylon material, they can be either one-piece or have two pieces (one cap and one strap).

They typically have large buckles or clasps attached to hold them together at the back. This gives it an air of sophistication and quality look.

In addition to being worn as fashion accessories, they are also used for functionality. For example, some brands make them as sun protection since they cover part of your face. Or they may use them as a beach coverup due to how flatteringly they lay across your neck area.

California will likely see more designs inspired by this fashionable piece in the coming year. Some examples include using oversized jewelry as decorations, incorporating buckets into clothing patterns, and even reusing the straps as other merchandise.

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