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A motif is a recurring, coded design feature that targets a specific area on a piece of fabric. These features target a symbol or message, and are put into place to represent something.

The term is borrowed from typography, where the letter A is the basic unit that defines the message. When combining these in design, A + M + I + N + C =ournewer!

In fashion design, features targeted as motifs aim to create an affect on the viewer or evoke an emotion. These features can be used to highlight clothes or obscure them in some way.

These features are very prominent in modern fashion, where they emphasize the importance of clothes and how they make you look and feel. It is these new goals that raise awareness in fashion designers and fans alike.

What is couture?

Couture is a high fashion style that focuses on rich details. Couture is usually very expensive and exclusive to a market area.

Couture is usually a little more elaborate, detailed, and pricey than streetwear. However, they are still fashion and can be found in both genres.

Some people use the term couture to refer to an elaborate style that is expensive but worth it. Other people use it to refer to a simple, detailed style that is worth looking at but not expensive.

Couture styles can range from totally invisible garments or extreme layers of clothing. They can be light or heavy, soft or strong. They can be form-fitting or non-form-fitting.

There are many modern examples of Couture, including fashion weeks where new trends are released and designers show their work in advance.

How did cannabis come to influence fashion?

Many years ago, there was a trend called headband fashion. People would put paper or foamheadbands around their head and let it influence how they dressed.

These were often loose-fitting shirts that could be cuffed or tucked in, and they were typically worn under jackets or sweatshirts. They also played a role in theAF,moreover,as dress shirts are popular everyday clothing.

Another way to get into theAF was by wearing jewelry with high impact stones or structures. Both examples below are user-made, but the original source is on Instagram @thedesigner_lana_.

@thedesigner_lana_ shared a picture of her customer wearing an engagement ring made out of an eight-inch artificial diamond with a thickness of two inches. The customer had six grams of cannabis leaves embedded inside the ring.

What are some examples of cannabis motifs in fashion design?

There are many instances where a designer uses a cannabis motif in fashion, whether it is in the style or format of a dress or on a jacket or scarf.

Many women have been caught wearingbleu-to-black outfits, black-and-white patterns, and high-waisted pants as everyday pieces. A hidden cannabis motif can add some mystery to an outfit and create more interest on stage and in crowds.

In dollar store finds, you will find many pieces that are colored or printed with plays upon public pressure to lower the cost. These hidden Cannabis motifs are used as representative of different budget levels.

Who are some notable designers that have used cannabis motifs in their work?

There are a few prominent designers who have been known to use cannabis as a motif. Some of these designers include Tommy Toone, Christian Strenger, and Eric Santer.

Toone is well known for his iconic tobacco leaf patterns, while Santer has been known for his iconic skulls and death symbols. These two have very popular careers right now, showing how far fashion has come to understand the power of cannabis.

Cannabis is used in many things, including fashion. There are even websites dedicated to selling clothing with cannabis themes! For example, here is one for cannabis-themed Halloween costumes:

Does using cannabis imagery in fashion support the legalization movement?

Over the past year, more and more fashion houses have used marijuana motifs in their designs. Some say it is the missing piece to support legalization, while others say it is just a nice way to add some diversity to their collections.

Since only some people can wear a standard-issue black hat, some designers create shirts with different shades of black and add accessories like signs or logos for organizations supporting cannabis legalization. These looks can be diverse and never know what drug you are looking at!

Some designers even add details like a satchel or carried item that shows they support cannabis legalization. The blurriness of the drug in pictures makes it not look so serious, which is what they are trying to convey.

What does the future of fashion and cannabis look like together?

A growing number of fashion institutions are using recreational cannabis as a main source of inspiration. State-run fashion shows are becoming more frequent, offering new materials and designs to approve judges.

At a recent event in New York City, judges were paired up with different forms of cannabis to create fashion trends. These include the use of clothing associated with medical marijuana, Trace THC medication used in cosmetic products, and even the recently released clothing line by Carlotta Caridi called Hollow Space.

These trends are a way for people to show what they are favorite pieces of clothing they love to wear. They also receive recognition from the event as a way to support the movement.

This is not just new events being held, but old ones being revived to continue this trend. It is growing more common for fashion shows to feature cannabis patterns or colors, making this new trend even more impactful.

How can I use these motifs in my own personal style?

Now, let’s talk about how these motifs can be used in your personal style. When looking at cannabis fashion, there are two main ways to wear them. The first is as a symbol of style. You can add a new element to your wardrobe with these fashion symbols. The second is as a way to experiment with fashion. You can test new looks and see new ways to express yourself.

There are several ways to add a cannabis motif into your fashion design. One way is to use a leaf or weed shape as your main motif. Another is to use a circle or circle shape as the main motif and then add some lines or circles for the other elements.


Over the past year, cannabis motifs have started to make a big impact in fashion. Some companies are taking a step back and working on limited production runs of cannabis motif fashion items, or those that feature cannabis motifs. These are generally highly sought after pieces as they are hard to find.

Many designers have started producing new pieces based off of the current Fashion Scene trends such as the ever popular rave look or more sophisticated styles like high fashion or classy drug fashion. The more popular these styles become the more sellers will be!

Another way to gain visibility is by attending fashion shows and promoting your piece at an audience-only event.

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