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As the world continues to change around them, people continue to invent and develop new things and ways of doing things. Information continues to spread and be accepted as normal everyday practices.

In terms of fashion, new trends are created every few years. Some reach mainstream attention, others do not.

The current trend is known as high-style fashion. This style is characterized by tight, functional clothing that shows off your body shape well. Functions such as showing off jewelry or concealers are used in this style.

Items for this style may range from full leathers or suedes for shoes to more forgettable fabrics like canvas or polyester material. The main function of the clothing is to show off body shape and concealers or coverups needed when going out in public.

The Hippie Influence

For decades, fashion has been influenced by the society and society at large. Fashion has always been a way to broadcast your values, socially and aesthetically.

With the introduction of drugs in the mid-2000s, drug culture made its way into style. Designers incorporated heroin chic, party wear, and drug culture into their fashion.

With the accessibility of cannabis in recent years, fashion has gone wild. Designers have once again focused on social issues associated with cannabis such as clothing seizures or just plain curiosity about the plant.

Some designers have used marijuana as a theme for specific items such as bags or clothing materials. This is a powerful way to focus attention on an issue that is common to all individuals smoking cannabis but is not necessarily Herman Miller salesmen asking for donations.

Fashion trends in cannabis culture

A number of trends related to cannabis culture are growing at an accelerated rate. Some examples include:

Cannabis style fashion is a fun way to incorporate your new lifestyle into your daily fashion routine. While some designers are more inclined to show off their drugs, and others just like the attention, everyone can enjoy the simple, soft colors and long loose hair.

The classic long hair is still the most popular style in California, where people typically use marijuana as a short-term drug. As a result, people with the classic look are often sought after by designers.

Other colors and styles have become popular in cannabis fashion, such as:

The leather S&M style has become very popular in California over the past year or so. The cloth chadham style is also gaining popularity, showing off both height and shape.

The rise of ‘natural’ beauty

A relaxed and accepting culture surrounding beauty has increased in the past few years. More people are experimenting with cosmetics and applying their own high aesthetics onto themselves.

Many attribute positive self-images to beauty practices, making it a popular way to improve ones self-image. Some even say beauty is money, because more expensive products may be bought more often.

There have been a number of fashion trends that have featured cannabis products as part of their design or presentation. These include: using cannabis artwork or designs for clothing, using cannabis decorations on clothing or equipment, and featuring a cannabis product in the design process of the product itself.

The influence of hip-hop culture

As fast as fashion is to design and market, it is also very fashion-forward. Designer Jeremy Ullmann has designed several pieces based off of the finance industry, such a jackets, bags, and clothes.

Many new designers gain their initial popularity by releasing a successful product immediately. If you look at some of the newer designers that have gained popularity recently, they have very unique looks and are quite expensive.

A lot of hip-hop culture people are into style and finding new products and styles. Many dress in little or no Restrictions what they have available to them. Having access to new products is how people like Nick Denton gain more fans as well as business.

The liberalization of fashion

Currently, fashion is dominated by heavy, over-the-top security and confidentiality. People spend a large amount of money on clothing just to keep up with the fashions that are popular at the time.

With the increasing number of fashion trends and their changes, it is fun to watch them become more and more popular. With blockchain technology helping with payment methods and sales records being recorded and stored in secure digital files, people are already counting on digital fashion to stay confidential.

The increased security comes from digital fashion being recorded in secure digital files. When someone purchases a dress or a shirt, they are sending their credit/debit card information into an electronic record file so another person can buy it without them having to pay for it via bank account or credit card. This additional step of security ensures full confidentiality of the item.

As previously stated, hiding personal information such as credit/debit card numbers is strictly confidential until purchased or sold new property.

Cannabis chic is back

Since 2010, the number of dispensaries has steadily grown in both size and popularity. In fact, there are more places to buy cannabis nowadays than there are stores!

With the increased visibility comes increased business, and this is a tremendous positive for the industry. You would be hard-pressed to find a large number of people that identify with the cannabis culture without saying so!

Fashion designers use cannabis as an inspiration, and many of them have created fashion shows featuring people using marijuana as their uniform symbol. These shows were a way for people to show their support for the fashion industry while promoting health and wellness.

The cannabis industry is also growing at a steady pace. Recently, California passed Proposition MX, whichlegalized recreational cannabis, making it possible for people to buy it at state-run dispensaries throughout the state. This has caused an influx of new products and styles, making it exciting to continue spreading the message of health and wellness.

Celebrity influence

As evidenced by our previous bullet point, California has a huge influence on fashion trends. Nude and casual attire are more popular than ever, both in mainstream fashion and within the cannabis culture.

Many new designers are starting their careers by designing for the marijuana industry. Some start as freelancers, working for periodical or non-paying jobs to gain experience. Others become full-time workers due to the high demand and quality of products.

The fact that many new fashionistas and product owners are from the marijuana culture is also influenced the product and style thereof. Many find inspiration in marijuana culture styles and products, including production value, legality, and financial stability.

This influence does not just stop with fashionists and manufacturers; everyone in the industry uses and references tactics from the cannabis community.

Cannabis brands invest in fashion lines

As more people start to understand the power of cannabis branding, fashion designers are starting to create products that are associated with the hemp industry, cannabis culture or high style.

Many designers are making fashion lines that are t-shirts, sweatshirts or grooming products like foot wear or shower curtains for your bathroom. Some even create formal clothing such as a dress shirt and pair of pants.

These fashion lines are a way for the designer to make a bit of money and gain new fans. It is also a way for people to get started in designing because they can use some of the free software released by the techies at GFM.

Some even go as far as creating children’s clothing or items someone can wear around the house.

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